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Get better media coverage and sign more clients by dramatically improving your PR team's writing skills—in as little as one day.

The quality of your staff's public relations writing has never been more important. Why? Because at a time when so many publications are reducing their coverage and laying off editorial personnel, telling your story well is one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting positive media attention. And for PR agencies, good writing is crucial to crafting compelling new business proposals that convince prospective clients to sign with you, rather than with your competitors.

That's why the In–House Writer now offers several training and coaching programs to help public relations professionals write better and more efficiently. We have a wide variety of convenient group and one-on-one options designed to suit any schedule or training budget:

The PR Writing Tune-Up:TM Our most popular course is a one-day, onsite class designed specifically for corporate publicity departments and PR agencies. Convenient, concentrated and proven effective, the PR Writing Tune-UpTM provides a quick, economical way for publicists and support staff to learn the key techniques they need to create better-written, more persuasive press materials and client proposals. To find out more about the PR Writing Tune-UpTM, click here.

Customized Training: The In-House Writer offers a range of other competitively-priced writing training and coaching options for individuals and companies. Each can be easily customized to meet your specific instructional needs. Topics include:

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